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Two-lap swim totaling 0.5 miles. Swim starts on the beach in front of Maho Bay beach pavilion. From the beach, swimmers head straight out and make a 90 degree right turn around the first no-boat buoy. They continue past a second no-boat buoy. Then, after reaching the third no-boat buoy, they turn and swim back towards the starting area. After reaching the starting area, they will swim around the beach buoy to start their second 0.25 mile lap. Throughout the course, swimmers will keep all buoys on their right, except for the final turn before exiting the water. As swimmers finish their second lap, they will keep the beach buoy on their left, exit the water, and head to transition.













13 miles. Start at Maho Bay transition area, head west on North Shore Road to Cruz Bay. Make a left toward round-about and continue east on Centerline Road. Turn left at King's Hill Road (by Colombo's Smoothie stand) and return to May Bay transition area.


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4.15 miles. Starting from Maho Bay transition area, run up one-way road (following traffic flow) to Francis Bay Beach turn-around, which is all the way down the road next to Francis Bay beach (road was dirt and is now mostly paved).

Run back along the waterfront to the Annaberg parking lot. Go up the stairs, down the road, then back to the one-way road. Continue on the same one-way (this time, you'll be running against the traffic flow) and finish at transition area.






New! Kids' Mini Swim-Run


50-70 yard swim followed by 0.8 mile run.


Two buoys will be set up about 15' out from the shoreline approx. 30 yards apart. We will string a line of noodles through the middle to delineate the out and back lanes. Starting from the shore in front of the pavilion, swim out and PAST the first buoy, then swim towards the second one. Go around the second buoy and come back towards the first one. When they reach the first buoy, come back to the shore.


Exit the water, put on shoes and start the run course.


The run course starts in front of the pavilion and goes out to the dip in the road just before the entrance to the Maho Bay parking lot. We will set up a cone that kids will run around and turn to come back to the starting cone. They will then go around this cone, run back out to the far cone and return to the finish line in front of the pavilion.

The start time of this event is approximately 9:45AM. It will start after the triathlon and aquathlon have concluded and just before the awards ceremony. We ask that parents arrive no later than 9:30AM. Roads will be open, but you may experience delays due to the cycling portion of the race, so please plan ahead. When you arrive, go to the pavilion with the picnic tables to check in.

Snorkels, masks and goggles are allowed.